Silencing of women’s voices

Every woman’s voice is important.

That’s the theoretical basis of Feminism in its aim to lift female potential, but why is this not in practice?

Why is there such a high demand for women to shut up and put up?

Why are women silencing the voices of girls who are expressing their rightful personal boundaries?

Why are lesbians fetishised to the point of eradication?

We do not agree but that doesn’t give you the automatic right and authority to shut down, no platform and eradicate our existence.

The misrepresentation of women in history is sickening, minusing women because they had the audacity to wear trousers and a shirt instead of a corset and skirt.

A woman who stands for herself and what she believes regardless of followers or agreement is indeed a threat to MANkind.

#metoo had a purpose, initially set up to bring light to the increasing male violence against WoC, has now extended its platform to documenting the worldwide issue of male sexual violence against women and girls inclusive of race. There is an issue with the movement which has gone unnoticed, that is the increase in violent men using this platform to target and abuse women and girls who are using it for their own experiences of violence. This act in itself proves it’s necessity and the problem of MVAW which has mysteriously in recent years become more of a ‘you will not speak about this’ rhetoric.

When we think of a woman’s worth, what do we associate it with?

Her clothes, age, religion, sexuality, the men in her life….

Why is she never worthy of her own merit?

A woman who chooses to follow a Muslim faith is quite often silenced and devalued based on an external misunderstanding of what she may or may not believe.

A woman of an older generation is told to step aside in her own movement because youth have decided she is no longer of any worth.

Feminists are abused simply because we have said no.

A woman’s worth and voice does not depend on your agreement and she is under no obligation to say what you want to hear.

She is not your lapdog in training, you have no authority over her.

She is liberated and any attempt to silence, censor, control or manipulate her is as far away from feminism as you can get.

Lesbians have heard all the lines from men bigging themselves up, the protected characteristic is now viewed only as a category on a porn site.

Equality does not mean women MUST be with men at all times. It doesn’t mean women can’t assemble WITHOUT men.

Women can speak about women’s experiences without Including males. My existence as a female is not dependant on the men in my life. My existence is despite men. My negative experiences are because of men.

My voice is not for men.

Stop the silencing and shutting down of women who you disagree with, we are under no obligation to say what you want us to say


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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