Violence against women

This is a wonderful poem I keep close to my childhood and for those day’s I need an extra bit of encouragement just to get through the day but what if this harmless kids poem had a disturbing resemblance to the violence which is used against women from inside of the transgender community and supporters.

The idea that women who say something you don’t like should be kicked out of their homes, lose their jobs, beaten to a pulp, murdered, tortured and raped – is increasing and the perpetrators of these threats are indeed men.

Are we to shy away or bring light to what these men are doing to us? Either way, women suffer in extensive ways.

Before anyone assumes I am out to get trans people that is not the case. I am against violence against women and girls and I will speak about it regardless of gender issue’s. Those organisations and individuals within the community are holding trans people back, they are holding women down and are a physical threat to children who exercise their boundaries, they need holding to account. The protection of violent men in the community, just because they say they are trans is having an extremely negative imapct on furthering communication.

Women want to dialogue so they can disagree and this is a threat how?

The denial of material reality is one that affects women and girls the most. There is a sudden decision that females no longer require our boundaries, privacy, safety in tact, most of us were obviously disregarded in this decision.

Here we are attempting to teach children about boundaries and safety from predators and this community comes along and decides this is outrageous and unhinges every ounce of progress that the women’s sector have made on the basis of allowing violent men into women’s cages on their say so. Here we are telling children that their feelings are irrelevant and that they have no right to say no to anyone who exclaims they are trans. Here we are telling rape victims to suck it up and get over it because these men have more hurt than us. Here we are telling DV victims that the cage they’ve ended up in because of violent men is to be accessed by violent men in order to validate their gender. Here we are telling women that being threatened with murder is the norm if we fail to repeat the mantra and dogma that follows. Here we are telling women that rape is a punishment for not throwing our lives in front of a train for the trans community. Here we are, with pride, telling women they aren’t real women.

The level of male violence and promotion of such against women is visible to more and more people by the day. I view these people as a thtreat and nothing less.

Women going to the loo are not your lapdog to train to validate your feelings.

This is a small acknowledgement of the issue and I will add to it in future but I think Dr Seuss says it all, for now



Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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