Abolish gender stereotypes

The only way to abolish gender is to disregard it’s stereotypes and constraints. Gender has held women and girls down since the beginning of time but it’s negative on males also.

We can not ‘identify out of gender’ using gender including pronouns. This is only continuing to play the game and keep the damage attached to us.

Dysphoria is real and denying mental health issues and encouraging them has never resolved them.

The word woman is simple in definition – adult human female. The fact that you are attaching stereotypes to this word makes life difficult for us all.

Sex is binary (intersex is nothing to do with trans and needs to stop being used to promote trans issues) Gender is nothing but harmful expectations and shackles.

Let it go

You’re a woman who likes dresses and makeup? Great for you – keep it up lass!

You’re a boy who likes dolls and glitter? Great for you – keep it up son!

You’re a woman who likes a bit of everything? Great for you – keep it up lass!

You’re a woman or girl who is struggling with the application of gender? I understand, the best revenge to oppression is to be you! All of you. Be proud of your female biology and the power you have as a result of this. You do not have to be a boy in order to ignore your confusion, your personality doesn’t have to suit what people think being a female is about. Enjoy your interests, enjoy your likes/dislikes and I promise it gets easier.

Stop playing the gender game. It does no one any good.

Stop encouraging difficulties in mental health


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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