What about…..?

Imagine, you’re on social media and you start a post with intent for a specific discussion…let’s say for an example a post about FGM and how to end the practice, you have many people engaged in this conversation as its a common interest and some very good ideas are coming from the internet on possible ways to prevent this horror and then…..

You are interrupted by a person who shouts ‘what about men’ or ‘well MGM is worse’ what are you supposed to do with this aggression? Yes, it is aggression to derail someone else’s conversation with your own completely irrelevant topic. There’s also an awareness of consent issues here. You assume you can effectively harass women and make them talk about you.

In derailing the conversation, they have introduced a level of aggression which changes the dynamics, they have silenced you on the topic you intended to speak about, they have suggested they are more important, and once told they are wrong to behave this way they make you the aggressor. This is narcissism.

Although it seems small, recognising these behaviours early on can help you deal with these abusers.

Remember, it is not your responsibility to serve them

It is not your fault

What you have to say is more important.

Everyone has an agenda, don’t let anyone ‘what about’ on your time

Remember, women can speak about female issues WITHOUT including males in the discussion.

Women can assemble without men. Any male who attempts to encroach on a womans space, is showing behaviour which proves why we need male free spaces.


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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