You expect too much….

When did you first learn to feel entitled? We all do to different degree’s but unfortunately for you, there is a line and when crossed, is problematic at best.

Now, as children we are very much entitled – entitled to food, safety, shelter, love, guidance, human rights and so on. We learn to expect peoples reaction to us if its often enough like for instance we may expect gifts from grandparents and therefore feel entitled to it. This can cause some extreme problems in behaviour of the entitled individual, behaviours which many people would find abusive.

As adults we hold responsibility and often women are more lenient on young people despite adult status, if their age is still deemed teen.

There are behaviors that are placed onto female rape victims to fit the idea of a perfect victim. This idea is as false as it gets. These expectations are exemplified versions of gender roles and femininity. She must speak when spoken to and never stray from the script, she must be kind and nurturing to all and the list goes on but its too sickly for me to go through it. If she doesn’t meet the criteria then she is humiliated and shunned publicly or worse threatened.

So you feel entitled. You feel that tge world owes you. You feel that this woman who was raped (no its not a porn category) you feel that she owes you her voice and platform? You feel that your cause is of more importance? You feel you have the god given right to silence a woman when she is speaking about her own trauma and promoting her book, how dare a woman have to work and not give you attention.

You feel that she is yours to control? That she must serve you in your time and she is irrelevant? You put a raoe victim on a pedestal and exploit her trauma for your gain?

That is pure raging entitlement, similar to a child throwing a tantrum because his mam said no you can’t have sweets. This is very typical MALE ENTITLEMENT to a woman’s life. Completely disregarding her existence and manipulating with every dominator tactic that your male socialisation taught you.

You are not entitled.

We weren’t raped for your benefit

We owe you nothing

Of course I’m speaking about Rose putting a heckler in his place at Barnes and noble. The consensus seems to be ghat he was right and vulnerable. No vulnerable person attacks a rape victim. This was an act of male violence. Asserting dominance over a woman who is expected to be weak and lay back and take it.

No. We don’t take it. We know the signs. We know the behaviour. We know and see exactly what the problem is.

You are not entitled.

If you want your cause highlighting, do it yourself – do not place any of your issue’s on a woman simply because she has a vagina.

We are not your trained puppy’s.

When you feel entitled to her, step off – you’re not.

You expect too much


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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