Repeat offender

Rape is never acceptable nor is it defendable….these are the words we often hear from people but rarely do they actually mean it. You see, it is extremely common for a perpetrator to reoffend therefore more then 1 victim will be made. The more victims there are, the more of a ‘suspect’ the victim will be, in the eyes of society as a whole.

The pressure for action will always be put on the victims rather than the perpetrators of rape who are male. There is a sexism in the rounded experience of being raped as a female.

The light on the cat walk is on when a victim comes forward (never her doing but a sensationalism from a society who are ignorant) the first few victims are *sometimes* glorified but more come forward and the light goes off and we are all blamed, the more victims there are the less it matters.

On the other hand, a woman is often raped repeatedly – despite this fact, people are still ignorant to our plight. It may be the same perpetrator or it may be a number of males. After the first few times of being raped the atmosphere changes like a knife through butter. We become the suspect as society still believes its not possible to be raped more than 3 times and we must be lying. Accusations of false accounts follow us around with the trauma exemplified. We may as well be stripped bare on the world’s stahe for all to see and exploit as they see fit. We are put on show and told to speak but they don’t listen.

After the 3rd time we’re thrown away as easily as a wrapper falling to the floor. Even those who don’t engage in pornography by watching it, hold rape and female victims in line with pornographic definitions therefore removing us from the experience.

I have been raped more than 100 times in a very long time period. This fact gets me ostracised, vilified, abused, harassed and threatened. It is a widely known fact that women and girls WILL be exposed to sexual violence repeatedly throughout our life. From baby to senior, there is no discrimination.

You must do better.

Why are we raped repeatedly? Because the males who raped us made a choice and then society blames the victims.

You want us to come forward? Shut up and listen!

It is not the victims fault if the perpetrators decide to rape again.

Rapists are repeat offenders – not the victims


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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