Professional boundaries…let’s talk

I believe this conversation needs to be had, I believe unprofessional behaviour needs highlighting. How do we know and prevent abuse behaviour if the silence is still prevalent. Not everyone can speak up and some are still scared and that fear alone is a good enough reason to have a conversation about what it means to behave in a professional way especially when dealing with vulnerable people like abuse victims.

We are often desperate while going through our trauma so it’s highly important that a professional keep their cool in amongst the heat of trauma. There is no shame in fear especially for what we’ve endured. The conversation needs to now be how professionals are expexted to behave.

The recent spark from Oxfam in the news lately is another example of why this conversation is way over due.

Professionals need to correct their approaches and victims need to be informed of expectations and policies which will effectively protect them from further abuse.

Please view the link to the twitter thread and tell me your thoughts on the matter, is it right?

If you are unable to publicly share your experiences please get in contact via wordpress or twitter if you like.

Please share this, conversation needs to be had.


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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