Price of puberty

There are many many feelings around puberty but most of it is unspoken and not expressed. I’m no expert but I do remember and I see. One thing I’d like to put out there is the impact on the sudden surge of hormones that take place during puberty. Children aren’t given any preparation in how to cope or live with internal changes and adults often don’t realise the very physical impact, extreme sudden anxiety with no correlation to external surroundings is far too common. This is often brushed off. This anxiety can come with a complete hatred and detachment from your growing body, becoming aware of visible changes as well as internal feelings, how do we expect kids to suddenly wake up one morning and adjust properly to no longer being secure?

There is a social contagion to transgender children which needs long consideration as to the reasoning behind, there is a desperation that’s referred to as dysphoria and the rate of desisting children once they go through puberty is 100% so, I wonder how much of this dysphoria is linked to an increase in natural hormone at beginning of puberty. Could children be better prepared for what’s coming? Could adults be less exploitative of children’s experiences? Could children be taught safe and functional ways of coping and dissociating at times of high anxiety? Could more research be done on the link of hormone levels to children who are dysphoric?

I don’t personally see any of these questions and this conversation as devaluing a child’s experience, in fact I view it as enhancing the experience and allowing children to cope without preventing puberty. I hear many adults say how calm and different children are when they have started taking hormone blockers, this tells me that the hormone level may be the source of the pain that children feel. If this is the case then it eould be a disservice to children, not to alter our affirmation only approach to their pain. How is it ok to tell a child ‘yes you are that which is hurting you’ this is highly dangerous in any degree of suffering.

Adults have an agenda to prove no matter the casualties that transgender children exist. The words are a means of shutting down needed safeguarding conversation. I view this as exploitation of children who are suffering mental health issues. Making examples of children who have socially/medically transitioned and dragging them through the public dirt trail is abuse. Stop using them to bring your agenda to attention.

Affirmation only approaches are used to protect adults and schools from being sued, not to protect children. Affirmation only prevents underlying issues from being dealt with effectively. Stop protecting yourself and start looking at what’s best for the child.


Author: liberated558

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