My inner child

The care I wanted desperately from others, I finally gave to myself. This is my first poem and it was for my little alters. DID stopped being dangerous after I decided to accept them

They weren’t there for you, they didn’t hear you cry
You weren’t bad little one, they didn’t even try
You told them you were unhappy but look what they chose to do
They ignored your words, and once more they hurt you

When you went to the seaside, do you remember what you heard
The wind spoke to you, the sun set and the sea was your friend and as she purred
She reminded you she was always thinking of you and for as long as you stay, no-one would hurt you just for one more day.

I’m so sorry little one I don’t know what it was they were to gain, from causing you so much pain
You’re safe now and I’m sincere, when I say I’ll care for you now for many a year.

I’ll send you a special hug, from me just for you
Ok you twisted my arm, maybe two
Rest easy little one, I’ll put the light on low
Read you a story now and then its time to go
Don’t be afraid, my inner child you will always be
In my heart and right here with me


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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