The misrepresentation of a Not Guilty – #ibelieveher

I am against the use of a Jury in cases of violence. I believe it allows mistakes to be made by unqualified and ignorant people full of twisted ideals and prevents professionals such as Judges from being held accountable for these decisions.

Another woman suffered through the system in Ireland and has suffered through a Not Guilty verdict.

  • Not Guilty does not mean innocent
  • Not Guilty does not mean false allegation
  • Not guilty does not mean she lied
  • Not guilty does not mean she wasn’t raped/gang raped

We have a real societal problem with rape culture, denying it is pointless as it’s there for all to see after this case.

  • This is not ‘boys will be boys’
  • This is not the ‘mistakes of youth’
  • This is not ‘locker room banter’
  • This is RAPE
  • Rape is a pure hatred for women
  • Rape is defended through all levels of society not just the court room
  • Your defense of rape as banter makes you part of the problem

Male socialisation needs to be corrected urgently. We can’t waste any more time with pathetic ‘how not to be raped’ guides and ideas. Let’s be real about who is committing this crime and most other crimes and tackle it once and for all.

Women aren’t screaming for the sheer hell of it. We’re as sick of screaming as you are of hearing us so get it sorted!

We’re sick of being afraid and then being told we’re being stupid for feeling afraid and then being accused of lying about being afraid.

Forget your entitlement for 5 minutes and try some critical analysis.

It’s in the best interest of EVERYONE that male socialisation and male violence is dealt with once and for all.

No more ‘women only carriages’ and ‘drug rape detecting nail varnish’ and ‘anti rape underwear’ and ‘don’t wear skirts’

No more of this rubbish. No more victim blaming. No more ‘what about the mother/sister/aunt/female friend’

Hold men responsible for their behaviour and crimes once and for all. Hold a conversation about HIM and what HE did. Leave women out of it. It is not a woman’s responsibility to babysit violent men.




Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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