The fictional job of the Jury #ibelieveher

Many people across the globe put all their faith in the set up of a Jury led trial but few of them understand exactly what the Jury are and do.

The common misconception ‘the Jury heard and examined all the evidence and made a decision whether they raped her based on the evidence’ couldn’t be further from the truth. The Jury is made up of 12 ‘random’ lay people who are unqualified, untrained and without knowledge of examination of evidence. The CPS are responsible for examining evidence, not the Jury and not the Judge. We put faith in that Judge’s know the law they are representing, I challenge why they often dispel myths and falsehoods in the proceedings.

Consent must be freely and enthusiastically given and can be withdrawn at any time. This is a basic version of what consent means in law, so why are judge’s informing the Jury that a yes which is hesitant is still consent – NO IT’S NOT

Why then are Judge’s passing derogatory and bias remarks to female victims like ‘why didn’t you keep your legs shut’ or ‘you did consent but you regretted it after’ said to children for crying out loud.

The public remain apathetic to the fact that the system is built on a favouring to men. It’s built in such a way that puts victims on trial rather than perpetrators. This is obvious by the statistics for rape and convictions in any given country.

90% of rapists are walking free. That means there’s a high chance they will end up on the Jury for a rape trial – there is an insidious bias and intimidation taking place when this happens.

The Jury NEVER decide if rape has taken place. The Jury does NOT examine evidence or base a decision on evidence. They are manipulated by the defence and prosecution in a way that presents them with doubt for the other, in other words it’s about who can convince them the other professional is lying.

People who talk about due process and fair trials really need to research how the court works and the process a woman has to go through in order to get there.

The majority of female rape victims say it’s not worth it. It’s about time the public questions why and listens to us.

The system must be held accountable and responsible and the only way to do this is to not allow them to hand their job over to the unqualified public. Force them to review their decisions and publicly defend their decisions and job’s. Stop allowing them to harm female rape victims in court and in police questioning.

Do better!

#ibelieveher #istandwithher


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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