Another one…

We all know the score with male violence. There are women who compile all of the Heartbreaking information about females who have been murdered by males they knew. There is always a side of social media that gives me blood pressure issues.

Another female has been murdered and raped. Women don’t take pleasure in having to comment and acknowledge this over and over again but we have to else these women and girls would go without recognition of what they went through. Rachel’s words do not state anything resembling ‘all men’, why must we tolerate the constant silencing of ‘what about men’ ‘what about me’. This is precisely what it is, a silencing of women who dare to speak out and bring attention to these crimes which have 1 single commonality, they are perpetrated by males.

If we allow this level of derailing, then our voices are worthless.

If men aren’t prepared to sort out male violence then women will continue to highlight their inadequacies.

I will be writing more about this and exposing every single male who doesn’t have the decency to acknowledge the death of a young lass because he wants to talk about himself and have women pat him on the back.

If you haven’t done anything then we’re obviously not talking about you. Deal with your own conscience.

A whole thread taken up by what about me needs to be stopped.

There is another tactic used amongst this to appear the innocent party and reverse roles making any woman who points out the derailing to be the bad guy. A common role played by men who perpetrate domestic abuse


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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