Divisive or specialist?

Charities and community work are an important part of every day functioning. Every charity base is exclusive, therefore excluding a large demographic in order to focus on intended clientele.

Services are seperated by subject, sex, race, culture, ethnicity, language, sexuality and many more.

Would you demand your way into a children’s service as an adult? Would it be viewed as appropriate for you to do so?

Would you demand your way into a BAME service if you don’t meet that criteria?

As a heterosexual would you fight your way into lesbian spaces? It’s becoming harder to keep these distinctions.

The focus allows specialised work to be done, we don’t need whataboutery. Those same men who are abusing women are also claiming they are our only supporters and protectors.

Segregation is not divisive, we are fighting for men to stay out of women’s services so why is it beyond recognition for a service to be BAME specialised?

I do not require men in my spaces as a woman and I don’t require BAME women to not have specialist support

Would you walk into a cancer charity and abuse them for not including dementia?

If it’s acceptable for you to go to a Dr who isn’t including surgery, it’s perfectly ok to allow groups of people to have common shared and exclusive groups to heal in.


Author: liberated558

Feminism gave me strength to continue

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